Author interview with Jeff Cunningham of Directorship Magazine

This spring, the author of Juggernaut was interviewed by one of the leading figures in high-level business communications today, Jeff Cunningham, founder and editor of Directorship Magazine. The introduction from the interview:

The closing of the frontier in the 1890s gave rise to big government. The Internet represents a new Manifest Destiny, reasons author Eric Robert Morse.

Eric Robert Morse is the author of Juggernaut, a trenchant analysis of America’s economic woes with a radical message likely to resonate with both business and anti-business groups. Morse is a member of a new generation of Americans, a throwback to the idealism of JFK’s 1961 inaugural “tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace….” They have come of age in the 21st century, armed with Internet savvy and independent views forged in the crucible of fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether they served or not, their postwar expectation for a vibrant economy and exciting careers were instead dashed by war fatigue and a depressed job market. So they are taking a hard look around the country and finding that something has gone wrong. Through fresh eyes they blame the “system”—financial incentives and risk management practices, misplaced values, gridlock culture and lack of attention to real causes. Their version of the Vietnam War protests is Occupy Wall Street. They seek—like the generation that preceded them—nothing less than a revitalized American culture. NACD Directorship’s Jeff Cunningham recently spoke with the author— Juggernaut is his fifth book—from his home in San Diego, where in addition to writing he works as a painter, musician and web designer. He is a direct descendant of Samuel F. B. Morse, who in the 1830s invented the telegraph. The views of the modern Morse deserve to be read and debated by intelligent directors everywhere.

Read the interview here:

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