Though it is impossible to reduce 616 pages into 150 words, here’s a fair attempt at it:

The Thesis of Juggernaut

The modern system is based on alternatives. Private property, free enterprise, specialism, industry, cooperation, and all other central aspects of the modern politico-economic system are based in the ability for the participants to reject the system and make do somewhere else. Since the close of the frontier around 1890, those alternatives have become increasingly difficult to secure since it has become increasingly difficult to reject the system and move somewhere else. As a result, growing interdependency has given larger authority to those in power. Those in power are granted wider freedoms in their rule, and everyone else must acquiesce or attempt to gain positions of power to survive. As the close hardens, society sheds its free and democratic characteristics and takes on a more hierarchic or statist appearance. The only way to reverse this trend is to open alternatives by localizing power, denationalizing the economy, and increasing self-sufficiency.

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