New charter city in the works

(TED) Back in 2009, Paul Romer unveiled the idea for a “charter city” — a new kind of city with rules that favor democracy and trade. This year, at TED2011, he tells the story of how such a city might just happen in Honduras … with a little help from his TEDTalk.

Critics of this concept seem to be focused on the developmental aspects. And, while industrial development comes with plenty of its own issues, I think it misses the true point of this project, which rests in the rules. The fact is that Honduras fails because of its rules; the charter city will give inhabitants opportunities to live and work under new rules. Not only will that help those involved in the charter city, but, as pointed out in recent political economy works, it will also help those in surrounding areas that can rely on the mere opportunity of moving to the charter city.

So, who’s looking to relocate?

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