Fighting corruption with corruption

How do a people protect themselves against a government when that government is the only way to protect them?

(Ad-In) We heard recently that the Department of Justice will be investigating the unconstitutional actions of the IRS as they targeted and intimidated groups based on their political affiliation, business that is eerily similar to the political intimidation used by tyrants.

That’s great and all, but wasn’t Obama’s Justice Department in charge of letting guns walk to Mexican drug cartels and ended up getting US Border Patrol agents killed? And wasn’t the DOJ guilty of illegally stealing thousands of phone records from the Associated Press?

That’s great the IRS corruption will be investigated, but I think the American people would feel a lot better if they were being investigated by a legitimate justice system instead of one that resembles more like a third-world dictatorship.

Perhaps an alternative is called for. Is there a third party that can litigate against the government that so obviously cannot litigate itself?

Juggernaut cometh.

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