How to challenge the authorities when the authorities are in the wrong

A few videos have recently surfaced showing regular people resisting police and federal agent stops and searches. These videos will definitely get the blood pumping because of the clear examples of freedom struggling to survive in the modern world. More than anything, the videos give regular citizens a playbook of how to challenge the authorities when the authorities are in the wrong.

This first video shows people defying the routine stops and searches at border patrol checkpoints. As we can see in the video, the officers are not used to people defying their requests and are sometimes flummoxed as to how they can proceed. Supervisors are called in to debate. Eventually, most of the scenarios end with the officers letting the people go.

Checkpoints (some would say illegal checkpoints) have been popping up quite frequently in the USA. As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question’s or demands. Don’t forget, you have rights.

This second video shows a single incident of a person carrying a gun being stopped by a police officer. He throws out names of three Supreme Court cases that bamboozle the officers and eventually let him proceed on his way.

The cases the man mentions are: Delaware v Prouse, US v DeBerry, Terry v Ohio, and Brown v Texas.

It is not known whether these cases will prevent illegal searches and seizures in different situations, but they are probably good to understand nonetheless.

Here’s to figuring out a way to defy the TSA.

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