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Piracy, one side of the argument

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Pushing things forward

(Paul Graham) One of the more surprising things I’ve noticed while working on Y Combinator is how frightening the most ambitious startup ideas are. In this essay I’m going to demonstrate this phenomenon by describing some. Any one of them … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Going Dark to Protest SOPA

Wikipedia will go offline Wednesday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA, according to Co-Founder Jimmy Wales. Wales made the announcement via a series of tweets.“This is going to be wow,” reads one tweet. “I hope Wikipedia will melt … Continue reading

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An ethical case for ‘Loser Pays’

In a recent article, Gozmodo reports of an independent artist that was charged with copyright infringement, and was forced to settle for tens of thousands of dollars, even though he didn’t do anything wrong. As the artist was quoted as … Continue reading

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