The book, typographically

Here is a word cloud generated from the text of the book thanks to the good people at I used the total possible number of words (600) and varied the size at 140%. The result is striking. The most common words, understandably, are ‘money’ (around 850 instances), ‘government’, ‘people’, ‘economy’, and ‘wealth’, in that order. I am not positive, but I suspect ‘system’ was omitted with other common words. If it hadn’t been, it would be up there as well.

The overall picture it paints is a great representation of the book and modern society as a whole. Perhaps what is more striking is the close-up of the smaller (less numerous) terms that squeeze inside the larger terms, such as ‘money’. Below is a fascinating representation of the ‘m’ in the most common word with a number of words piled in between the stems like flies on an elephant. Notice the word ‘liberty’, which is scrunched in between several others in the space between the ‘m’s stems–a telling depiction.

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